Project: Change the World

It’s quite difficult to be concise when dealing in such matters as changing the world. This is my valiant effort.

Eight years ago I was changed. Something was born in me that fateful night, when I heard the statistic that pierced my heart and set things into motion.

85% of children in “the system” after the age of SIX, will never be adopted.

I challenge you to ponder that for a brief moment.

Please see this article for the detailed account.

Action Plan 2018-2019:

1. Incorporate – STEM4Them

2. Foster orientation (September 10, 2018)

3. Partner with MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange), DHHS, foster families, Bethany, county agencies and more

4. Grants/fundraising

5. Recruit families (refer to adoption agencies/DHHS for licensing)

6. Plan camp (staffing, activities, housing, food, etc)

7. Promote

We have made significant headway in all seven areas!

How might YOU contribute to help kids find a forever family?

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