The Evolution of Our Passion Project

The Story of Our Incredible Journey

My second graders were participating in the Herald Palladium’s Student Ad Campaign, when we were assigned The History Center, in Berrien Springs. It is the OLDEST GOVERNMENT building in the state of MICHIGAN! Each student had to research and market our assigned business.

We decided to visit The History Center as part of our research in order to accurately market the museum. During our visit, students noticed several areas of disrepair. They were disheartened and wanted to help out. Ideas to raise funds followed; change from piggy banks, returned soda bottles, lemonade stands, allowances and iMovies. Their determination and generosity were profound. I contacted the museum and learned that their walkway is mismatched and in disrepair. It is also not slated for repairs this year. Our project objective was born that day:

Our Class Decided to Help

Replace the Walkway!

It has been several months since the project began. Here’s the work we have done so far:

  • Contacted the museum to choose a project
  • Decided to Replace the Walkway!
  • Met a contractor for bids
  • Received approval from Berrien County Administration! YAY!!!
  • Made our first iMovie (here’s the link:
  • Spoke with a marketing expert for guidance
  • Interviewed students for another movie explaining our journey
  • Set up Go Fund Me for $45,000!
  • Finalized and publish new video (
  • Shared our project with Berrien County Commissioners on May 3

Upcoming schedule:

  • Contact local businesses for donations
  • Work with other schools and students to raise awareness (Bridgman Middle School joined our efforts last week!)

Our contractor, Zach Gwilliam, will need 1 – 2 weeks notice to begin working after 2/3 of the funds have been raised. Actual construction will take three weeks. It is my goal to break ground BY June 1!

Please help spread the word about our project. The History Center is truly a gem in our community and we are excited to Replace the Walkway!

Meet Chloe Bond. She’s the winner of the HP Student Ad Campaign that started this whole journey.

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