Why EVERY school should have building-wide Passion Projects!

Passion projects can revolutionize the very culture within classrooms, buildings, and districts. They build a positive, supportive environment. They give students a sense of belonging. They allow children to see the world outside of themselves. They teach consequences of actions: positive and negative.

They help students find their role in the world. They empower students to be change-makers. They develop collaboration and communication skills. They create unity instead of division. They break down barriers: ethnic, economic, gender, ability, intellectual, and more. They level the playing field for all students. As a result, those determined to succeed, can succeed!

They generate excitement and determination. They build interpersonal skills: self image, self-worth, confidence, and purpose.

Youth depression and suicide are skyrocketing because young people do not believe they are valuable. They don’t see themselves as contributing members of society. Essentially, they have no purpose. Schools and communities need to give children something to live for: A chance to make a difference!

The social implications for initiating passion projects are immensely profound! Imagine a world where many people think about the common good. Where they esteem the needs of others over themselves. Passion projects help create that!

Everyday our students should set out to change their world!

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